SISS-15 will cover SIMS and related techniques based on ion-solid interactions: fundamentals, instrumentation, and application in various fields, such as semiconductors, industrial materials, biological, medical, and environmental sciences. 
Date: April 25 and 26, 2013 (9:00-18:00)
Venue: Meeting Room on the 4th floor, University Building #14, Seikei University, Tokyo
(Social meeting: April 25, 2013 in the evening, Hall on the 12th floor, University Building #10)

The Invited Speakers:

Akira Motoyama (Shiseido)

Alex Shard (NPL, UK)

Dan Graham (University of Washington, US)

David J. Larson (CAMECA)

Hubert Gnaser (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)

Jentaie Shiea (National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan)

Larry Wang (Evans Analytical Group)

Masaaki Fujii (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Masanori Owari (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Masaru Tsukada (Tohoku University, Japan)

Michael Dürr (Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

Motoo Ito (JAMSTEC, Japan)

Noel Smith (Oregon Physics)

Peter Williams (Arizona state Univ.)

Sebastien Duguay (University of Rouen, France)

Shinichi Komaba (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)

Shinichi Ogawa (AIST, Japan)

Tetsuo Sakamoto (Kogakuin University, Japan)

Tom Wirtz (The Centre de Recherche Public – Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg)

Tomoyuki Ozawa (Nissan Chemical Industries)

Yasuo Shimizu (Tohoku University, Japan)

Yeonhee Lee (KIST, Korea)

Yoji Nakajima (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd., Japan)

Yuji Kataoka (Fujitsu, Japan)


Abstract submission: March 15, 2013 

Presentation proposal:
Oral presentation title with brief abstract less than 100 words: March 1, 2013
Poster presentation: March 20, 2013 (prolonged)
*Please submit your abstract by March 20.

Brief Abstract Submission:Less than 100 words


Guideline for presenters:
All invited and contributed presenters are expected to write abstracts. Please send a MS-Word or PDF file of your abstract (A4 page size, 2 pages) to the committee by e-mail. The abstract should be accompanied by a cover letter stating the title, name, address, e-mail address.

Abstract template (Word file):
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Please send your abstract:



Registration fee: 5000 yen (Student: 2000 yen)


 Organizing Committee:
Organizer:    Hisayoshi Yurimoto (Hokkaido University)
Executive Committee: Jiro Matsuo (Kyoto University)
     Masahiro Kudo (Seikei University)
     Satoka Aoyagi (Shimane University)
     Songsu Cho (Ametek)
     Shunichi Hayashi (Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal)
     Makishi Ishikawa (Ametek)
     Nobuhiko Kato (Seikei University)
     Akiya Karen (National Institute for Materials Science)
     Teiichiro Kono (Asahi Kasei)
     Atsushi Murase (Toyota Central R&D Labs.)
     Masashi Nojima (Tokyo University of Science)
     Retsu Oiwa (Omicron)
     Akio Takano (NTT-AT)
     Mitsuhiro Tomita (Toshiba)





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