The International Symposium on SIMS and Related Techniques Based on Ion-Solid Interactions at Seikei University (SISS-14) SISS14

SISS-14 will cover SIMS and related techniques based on ion-solid
interactions: fundamentals, instrumentation, and application in various fields, such as semiconductors, industrial materials, biological, medical, and environmental sciences. We will have six sessions this year: D-SIMS, TOF-SIMS, Atom Probe, Cluster ion beam, High lateral resolution imaging-SIMS and Fundamental & Simulation.

Place: Meeting Room on the 4th floor, University Building #14, Seikei University, Tokyo

(Social meeting: May 31May 31, 2012 in the evening, Hall on the 12th floor, University Building #10)

Invited Speakers include:
Dr. Tae Eun Hong (Korea Basic Science Institute)
Dr. Takashi Miyamoto (Toray Research Center)
Prof. Amy V. Walker (University of Texas at Dallas)
Prof. Shigeyuki Mori (Iwate University)
Dr. Ahmed Shariq (Fraunhofer CNT)
Dr. Teruyuki Kinno (Toshiba)
Prof. Hee Jae Kang (Chungbuk National University)
Prof. Kousuke Moritani (University of Hyogo)
Dr. Noriaki Sanada (ULVAC-PHI)
Prof. Chris Grovenor (University of Oxford)
Dr. Isao Sakaguchi (NIMS)
Prof. Arnaud Delcorte (University Catholique de Louvain)
Prof. Kazunaka Endo (Tokyo University of Science)
Dr. Takaaki Aoki (Kyoto University)

Presentation proposal:
Oral presentation title with brief abstract less than 100 words: March 20, 2012
Poster presentation title with brief abstract less than 100 words: April 20, 2012
Abstract: May 1st, 2012

The detailed information will be available at the following website soon:

SISS Registration: From March 1st

Guideline for presenters:
All invited and contributed presenters are expected to write abstracts. Please send a MS-Word or PDF file of your abstract (A4 page size, no page limitation) to the committee by e-mail. The abstract should be accompanied by a cover letter stating the title, name, address, e-mail address.

Organizing Committee:

Organizer:    Hisayoshi Yurimoto (Hokkaido University)
Executive Committee: Teiichiro Kono (Asahi Kasei)
     Masahiro Kudo (Seikei University)
     Satoka Aoyagi (Shimane University)
     Songsu Cho (Ametek)
     Shunichi Hayashi (Nippon Steel)
     Makishi Ishikawa (Ametek)
     Nobuhiko Kato (Seikei University)
     Manabu Komatsu (Canon)
     Teiichiro Kono (Asahi Kasei)
     Jiro Matsuo (Kyoto University)
     Atsushi Murase (Toyota Central R&D Labs.)
     Masashi Nojima (Tokyo University of Science)
     Retsu Oiwa (Omicron)
     Akio Takano (NTT-AT)
     Mitsuhiro Tomita (Toshiba)