SISS Karen Awards

Karen Awards (Best Poster Presentation Awards) Winners

SISS-21 in 2021
Rie Shishido (Tohoku University)
“Effect of Carboxylic Acid Matrix on Sensitivity of Phospholipid in Bi-Cluster SIMS Measurements”

Mikihiro Kawase (University of Yamanashi)
“The Effect of Capillary Inner Diameter on Polystyrene Sputtering Produced by Vacuum Electrospray Droplet Ion Beams”

SISS-20 in 2018
Tokio Norikawa (Tokyo University of Science)
“Mass separation of AuGe alloy using rotating electric fields (Ⅱ)”

Reiko Saito (Toshiba Memory Corporation)
“Matrix and Element Dependences of Useful Yield in Si and SiO2 Matrices Using Laser-Ionization Sputtered Neutral Mass Spectrometry”