[NEW] SISS-23(On site main and remote Event)

The 23th Scientific International Symposium on SIMS and Related Techniques Based on Ion-Solid Interactions (SISS-23) will be held on 13th (Thu) and 14th (Fri) June 2024 at Tokyo University of Science, Japan.

SISS-23 will cover TOF-SIMS, D-SIMS, Atom Probe, SNMS and related techniques based on ion-solid interactions: fundamentals, instrumentation, and application in various fields, such as semiconductors, industrial materials, biological, medical, and environmental sciences. SISS-23 will be held in the part of activities of MBA technical committee of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science.

■Date:Thursday, June 13th, and Friday, June 14th, 2024.

■Venew: Morito Memorial Hall, Tokyo University of Science(MAP

■Programs: Currently in production
■Time Table: Currently in production

■Invited Speakers :
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 Ahsan Habib        (University of Dhaka)
 Chang Min Choi        (Korea Basic Science Institute)
 Ron M.A. Heeren      (Maastricht University)
 Haibo JIANG             (The University of Hong Kong)
 Hua Tian                     (University of Pittsburgh)
 Jeramy Zimmerman (Colorado School of Mines)
 Masato Morita            (Kogakuin University)
 Tsubasa Yabuchi        (Kao)
 Masahiro Taniguchi  (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
■Call for papers:

 Deadlines for presentation proposal:
 Oral  : April 30, 2024
 Poster : April 30, 2024
※The deadline for presentation proposals has been extended.

In SISS-23, Poster Award (named “Karen Award”) will be designed for the most outstanding presentation of research.
■Abstract Submission:
 All invited and contributed presenters are requested to write abstracts.
 Please prepare a MS-Word or PDF file of your abstract (A4 page size, within 2 pages (1  page or 2 pages) and submit from below.
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 Deadline for abstract submission: April 30, 2024
 Secretary of SISS-23 Steering Committee
 Satoka Aoyagi      (Seikei University) 

■Committee members:
 Masashi Nojima         (Executive Committee Chair, Tokyo University of Science)
 Kosuke Moritani     (Program Chair, University of Hyogo)
 Yasuyuki Asahara      (Ametek)
 Makishi Ishikawa         (Ametek)
 Tatsuya Ishikawa         (ULVAC-PHI)
 Retsu Oiwa                    (Toyama)
 Masataka Ohgaki         (Hitachi High-Tech Science)
 Shinya Otomo               (Furukawa Electric)
 Masayuki Okamoto     (Kao)
 Yasuko Kajiwara          (Murata Manufacturing)
 Masahiro Kudo            (Seikei University)
 Reiko Saito                    (Toshiba Corporation)
 Atsushi Sakaki              (Nichia)
 Naoya Sakamoto          (Hokkaido University)
 Junichiro Sameshima (Toray Research Center)
 Kaori Jogo                     (Toshiba Nanoanalysis)
 Toshio Seki                    (Kyoto University)
 Akio Takano                  (Toyama)
 Masahiro Taniguchi    (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
 Ichiro Nomachi            (Sony)
 Satoshi Ninomiya        (University of Yamanashi)
 Manabu Hashimoto    (IONTOF Japan)
 Jiro Matsuo                   (Kyoto University)
 Ichiro Mihara                (Kuraray)
 Hisayoshi Yurimoto     (Hokkaido University)