SISS15 Program

SISS 15 Program (PDF)

April 25, 2013 (Thu)

Opening remark (10:00-)
Session 1 (10:05-12:55)
O1-1. (10:05-10:30)- Invited – Hubert Gnaser (University of Kaiserslautern), Atom probe tomography of Si nanocrystals embedded in silicon oxide

O1-2. (10:30-10.55)   – Invited – Yasuo Shimizu (Tohoku University), Dopant analysis of semiconductor devices with atom probe tomography

O1-3. (10:55-11:20)   – Invited – Sebastien Duguay (University of Rouen),  Reconstruction and quantification issues for APT in microelectronics

Break (11:20-11:35)

O1-4. (11:35-12:00)   – Invited – Masaru Tsukada (Tohoku University),  Mechanism of laser assisted field evaporation from insulating oxides

O1-5. (12:00-12:25)   – Invited – David J. Larson (CAMECA),  Progress in planar-feature spatial reconstruction for atom probe tomography

O1-6. (12:25-12:40)  Satoka Aoyagi (Shimane University), Application of continuous Ar cluster ion beams to peptide analysis

O1-7. (12:40-12:55)  Kousuke Moritani (University of Hyogo),  Soft-sputtering of insulin molecule using Ar, Kr and methane gas cluster ion beams

Lunch (12:55-13:55)
Session 2 (13:55-16:30)
O1-8. (13:55-14:20)   – Invited – Noel Smith (Oregon Physics),  Plasma ion sources for high resolution primary ion beams

O1-9. (14:20-14:45)   – Invited – Shinichi Ogawa (AIST), Helium ion microscopy (HIM) technology for imaging and characterization for nano-device materials and structures,

O1-10. (14:45-15:10)   – Invited – Masaaki Fujii (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Resonant enhanced multiphoton ionization and its application to Laser-SNMS

Break (15:10-15:25)

O1-11. (15:25-15:50)   – Invited – Yuji Kataoka (Fujitsu),   Surface roughening of silicon by low-energy oxygen bombardment: Influence on SIMS depth profiling

O1-12. (15:50-16:15)   – Invited – Tom Wirtz (The Centre de Recherche Public – Gabriel Lippmann),   In-situ combination of secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) and scanning probe microscopy (SPM) for high-sensitivity and high-resolution elemental 3D analysis

O1-13. (16:15-16:30) Derk Rading (ION-TOF),   Direct access to true 3D chemical information by combined in-situ TOF-SIMS and SFM measurements

Sponsored session 1(16:30-17:10)

S1-1.(16:30-16:50) (Evans Analytical Group/Nano Science)

S1-2.(16:50-17:10) (Cameca/Ametek)

Poster short presentation (17:10-17:30)
Poster presentation (17:30-18:30)

P-1. Masahiro Taniguchi (Kanazawa Institute of Technology), Atom probe analysis of electroconductive polymers

P-2. Satoshi Ninomiya (University of Yamanashi), Effect of emitter shape on vacuum electrospray

P-3. Akiya Karen (NIMS), TOF-SIMS study using gas cluster ion beam for analysis of Li reaction products on electrodes of lithium air batteries

P-4. Shigeru Suzuki (Tohoku University), Characterization of distribution of boron in martensitic steels by secondary ion mass spectrometry

P-5. Daisuke Kobayashi (Asahi Glass), Relation between secondary ion species and mass accuracy in TOF-SIMS

P-6. Miyuki Takeuchi (The University of Tokyo), Imaging of carbon incorporation during plant cell wall formation using NanoSIMS 50L

P-7. Makiko Fujii (Kyoto University), Study on the sputtering mechanism of amino acid with Ar cluster ion beam irradiation

P-8. Shunichiro Nakagawa (Kyoto University), Effects of cluster ion beam irradiation with a mixture of noble and reactive gases on inorganic solids

P-9. Junichiro Sameshima (Toray Research Center), Surface morphology of sputtered SiC epitaxial layer

Social meeting (18:30-19:30)


April 26, 2013 (Fri)

Session 3 (9:00-11:25)
O2-1. (9:00-9:25)   – Invited – Alex Shard (NPL), Standards for practical organic depth profiling

O2-2. (9:25-9:50)   – Invited – Shinichi Komaba (Tokyo University of Science), Electrode surface analyses for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries

O2-3. (9:50-10:15)   – Invited – Yeonhee Lee (KIST), Surface analysis and depth profiling of polymers by TOF-SIMS

O2-4. (10:15-10:30)  Toshio Seki (Kyoto University), Development of MeV-SIMS imaging system with electrostatic quadrupole lens

O2-5. (10:30-10:45)  Ichiro Mihara (Kuraray), Evaluation of layered titanate nanosheets using TOF-SIMS and g-ogram

Break (10:45-11:00)

O2-6. (11:00-11:25)   – Invited – Dan Graham (University of Washington), Taking on fresh strategies in mass spec (TOF-SIMS) imaging: multivariate, multitechnique, multidimensional

Sponsored session 2 (11:25-12:25)

S2-1. (11:25-11:45) (ION-TOF/Hitachi High-Tech Solutions)

S2-2. (11:45-12:05) (Toyama)

S2-3. (12:05-12:25) (Ulvac-Phi)

Lunch (12:25-13:25)
Session 4 (13:25-15:45)
O2-7. (13:25-13:50)   – Invited – Jentaie Shiea (National Sun Yat-Sen University), Ambient organic SIMS analysis by impacting sample surface with primary ion species generated by both ESI and APCI

O2-8. (13:50-14:15)   – Invited – Akira Motoyama (Shiseido), Visualization of transdermal drug delivery by two-dimensional desorption electrospray ionization (2D-DESI) mass spectrometry; a novel approach to generate pseudo cross-sectional penetration images

O2-9. (14:15-14:40)   – Invited – Michael Dürr (Esslingen University of Applied Sciences), Desorption/ionization induced by neutral cluster impact as a soft and efficient ionization source for mass spectrometry of biomolecules

O2-10. (14:40-15:05)   – Invited – Tomoyuki Ozawa (Nissan Chemical Industries), Platinum vapor deposition surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization for mass spectrometry imaging of small molecules

O2-11. (15:05-15:30)   – Invited – Yoji Nakajima (Asahi Glass), Applications of laser desorption/ionization spiral high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry in material science

O2-12. (15:30-15:45)  Yuto Hanaya (Nagoya University), Chemical mapping of plant biomolecules by the cryo-TOF-SIMS/SEM system

Break (15:45-16:00)
Session 5 (16:00-18:10)
O2-13. (16:00-16:25)   – Invited – Peter Williams (Arizona State Univ.), Quantitative studies of oxygen effects in SIMS

O2-14. (16:25-16:50)   – Invited – Masanori Owari (The University of Tokyo), Shave-off analysis of nano-scale objects

O2-15. (16:50-17:15)   – Invited – Motoo Ito (JAMSTEC), Imaging mass spectroscopy analysis for micro cell samples: Understanding of a metabolic activity of Subseafloor life

O2-16. (17:15-17:40)   – Invited – Tetsuo Sakamoto (Kogakuin University), A new aspect of Laser-SNMS coupled with Ga FIB for polymer analysis

O2-17. (17:40-17:55)  Tom Wirtz (The Centre de Recherche Public – Gabriel Lippmann), Towards SIMS on the helium ion microscope

O2-18. (17:55-18:10)  Ken-ichi Bajo (Hokkaido University),  Development of sputtered neutral mass spectrometer to analyze sub-micron noble gas distribution

Closing remark (18:10)