Scientific Topics

Scientific Topics of SIMS-22

Front Line of SIMS
– Ultra High Spatial Resolution Imaging
– High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
– Ambient Mass Spectrometry
– Complementary Techniques and Multi-modal Technique

Industrial Applications
– Energy Storage Devices and Systems
– Microelectronics
– Polymers and Molecular Surfaces/Films

Challenges to Novel Applications
– Life Science and Biotechnology
– Bio and Medical Materials
– Sample Prep & Analysis of Bio-Materials
– Geology, Geo-and Cosmochemistry
– Archeology/Environment

Material Science
– Nano Structure
– 3D Imaging of Complex Samples
– Atom Probe Tomography

New Horizon in SIMS
– Novel Ion Beams
– Knowledge Management
– Big Data Analysis
– Machine Learning

Fundamental Science and Engineering
– Ion-Solid Interactions
– Ionization Mechanism
– Matrix Effects