Travel and VISA

Travel Information

Kyoto is one of the most touristic cities in the world and features seventeen World Heritage sites. Kyoto has been producing diverse art and culture more than 1,200 years. Fall and spring are the best seasons to visit Kyoto. The mean maximum and minimum temperatures in October are around 22°C and 13°C. You can find useful information on Kyoto in the following URLs.


Japan has a signed visa waiver agreement with many countries which allows to stay up to 90 days.  Please let us know if you need a visa and would like to receive a formal invitation letter. Requests should be sent by email to the SIMS Secretary. Please place “Request for the invitation letter” in the Subject.

Invitation Letter will be sent through email or by mail (by special request) to participants with submitted abstract(s) after registration to attend SIMS-22.

Please give yourself ample time to apply for a visa as the process can be time-consuming. Japan consulates in different countries may require different documents. Some consulates accept scans while other require the original invitation letter. Call the consulate and check what you need.