Industrial Session

Frontiers and Challenges in Industrial SIMS

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 

A Special All-Day Session/Workshop will be held on the use of SIMS in applied materials research with special emphasis on industrial applications. Topics covered in this session are not only SIMS but also other alternative analysis techniques, such as XPS, AES and TEM.

“Invited speakers” and “Keynote speakers” from industry will present latest applications to solve practical problems in R&D and manufacturing. Furthermore, they will also provide good examples how to get from grad school to a fulfilling career.
Finally there will be a special section in the conference poster session on industrial applications in the Wednesday evening.

This session is a part of the SIMS-22 Conference and is open to all registrants of the conference with no need for a separate registration or additional payment.

Invited Speakers for Industrial Session

Dr. Birgit Hagenhoff (TASCON, Germany)
Dr. Alexis Franquet (IMEC, Belgium) 
Dr. Sabine Hirth (BASF, Germany)
Dr. Jae Cheol Lee (Samsung Electronics, Korea)
Dr. Jang Jung Lee (TSMC, Taiwan)
Dr. Mark Nicholas (AstraZeneca, Sweden)

Keynote Speakers for Industrial Session

Dr. Temel Buyuklimanli (EAG, USA)
Dr. Christine Mahoney (Corning, USA)
Dr. Takaharu Nagatomi (Asahikasei, Japan)
Dr. Akira Motoyama (Shiseido Global Innovation Center, Japan)