Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers

Dr. Tina Angerer (University of Washington, USA)
“Identifying lipids in standards and tissue sections by studying fragmentation patterns in ToF-SIMS imaging”


Dr. Laetitia Bernard (EMPA, Switzerland)
“Functional polymer films: Where the good old Cs+ can help!”



Dr. Birgit Hagenhoff (Tascon GmbH, Germany)
“ToF-SIMS in an Industrial Context: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go”


Prof. Andrew Ewing (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
“Probing the Structure of Single Neurotransmitter Vesicles with NanoSIMS”

Dr. Alexis Franquet (IMEC, Belgium)
“A holistic approach of SIMS analysis for advanced semiconductor structures”


Prof. John Fletcher (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
“Bigger beams; better bio-analysis?”


Prof. Ian Gilmore (National Physical Laboratory, UK)
“Critical review of advances in high-resolution mass spectrometers and their utility for SIMS”


Dr. Anja Henss (Justus Liebig University, Germany)
“Novel insights into next generation battery materials in 2D and 3D by ToF-SIMS”


Dr. Sabine Hirth (BASF, Germany)
“When dwarfs rule giants: Surface Characterization in BASF’s F&E Landscape”



Prof. Haibo Jiang (University of Western Australia, Australia)
“Insights into molecular trafficking from NanoSIMS and complementary techniques”


Dr. Jae Cheol Lee (Samsung Electronics, Korea)
“Wide applications of SIMS in industry”


Dr. Jang Jung Lee (TSMC, Taiwan)
“Challenges in Quantitative Semiconductor Material Analysis”



Prof. Johan Lindgren (Lund University, Sweden)
“A novel multi-technique approach reveals the softer side of ancient ‘sea monsters'”


Prof. Xian-Hua Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
“Ultra-high precision Si isotope analysis using Cameca-1280 SIMS”


Prof. Nicholas Lockyer (University of Manchester, UK)
“Progress with water cluster ion beams for SIMS”



Prof. Hua Tian (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
“High energy water cluster beams for the enhanced ion yields and 1 um resolution imaging”



Dr. Takemichi Nakamura (Riken, Japan)
“Do we have chemistry? MS/MS in anticipation or in reality”


Dr. Mark Nicholas (AstraZeneca, Sweden)
“Quantification of surface composition and texture of inhalation powders”


Dr. Nina Ogrinc (University of Lille, France)
“Under construction: Increasing ionization efficiencies of intact biomolecules from tissues”


Prof. Toshio Seki (Kyoto University, Japan) 
“MeV-SIMS Measurements under Ambient and Humid Conditions”


Prof. Jonathan Sweedler (University of Illinois, USA)
“Correlated Chemical Imaging to Explore Diverse Spatiochemical Expression in Microbial Systems”


Dr. Jean-Nicolas Audinot (LIST, Luxembourg)
“High-Resolution Nano-Analytics for the microstructural characterisation of solar cells”


Dr. Anto Yasaka (Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation, Japan)
“Focused ion beam system equipped with gas field ion source for industrial application”



Keynote Speakers for Industrial Session

Dr. Temel Buyuklimanli (EAG, USA)
 “PCOR-SIMSSM Analyses of Compound Semiconductors”



Dr. Christine Mahoney (Corning, USA)
“ToF-SIMS Analysis of Thin Films and Coatings on Glass: Applications of a new tool to help better understand challenging problems”


Dr. Takaharu Nagatomi (Asahikasei, Japan)
“Roles played by surface analysis in industries -from a viewpoint of activities of Surface Analysis Society of Japan-”


Dr. Akira Motoyama (Shiseido Global Innovation Center, Japan)
“Desorption electrospray ionization–mass spectrometry imaging (DESI-MSI) applied to the research and development of cosmetic products”