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IUVSTA-sponsored short course entitled “SIMS-22 School”, will be held in conjunction with the conference on Sunday, 20th October, 2019.

5 tutorial sessions and 1 short session listed below will be given by renown scientists. Each tutorial session will last 60 minutes and it will consist of a general presentation (no more than 50 minutes) followed by or interwoven with extended discussion (around 10 minutes).

♦ Date: 20th October, 2019 (Sunday)
♦ Location: (how to get there, Bldg. #57)
Kyoto University, Main Campus,
Faculty of Eng., Eng. Sci. Depts. Bldg. (Bldg. #57) 3F,
Room 315
~Note that the venue is different from where SIMS-22 will be held.~

♦ Registration: 09:00 ~ 09:25
♦ Fee: JPY 15,000
♦ Course Program:           (short CV)

09:25 ~     Opening remarks

09:30 ~ 10:30     ~Session 1. Fundamentals of SIMS~
Arnaud Delcorte, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
“SIMS: Understanding the impact”

10:30 ~ 10:50     Coffee break

10:50 ~ 11:50     ~Session 2. Theory and Modelling~
Andreas Wucher, Universitat Duisburg-Essen, Germany
“Secondary Ion Formation: Theory and Modeling”

11:50 ~ 13:00     Lunch time (lunch box will be distributed to all participants)

13:00 ~ 14:00     ~Session 3. SIMS of Real World samples~
Anna Belu, Medtronic, USA
“SIMS of Real World Samples”                                

14:00 ~ 15:00     ~Session 4. Depth profiling~
Charles W. Magee, Eurofins EAG Materials Science, USA
“Depth Profiling Electronic Materials by SIMS…we still do that, you know”

15:00 ~ 15:20     Coffee break

15:20 ~ 16:20     ~Session 5. Advance data analysis~
Daniel J. Graham, University of Washington, USA
“Multiple Varied Analysis (MVA) Tools for ToF-SIMS”

16:20 ~ 16:40     ~Session 6. Practical SIMS analysis~
Yoshihiko Nakata, TRC, Japan
“Industrial applications of SIMS”

16:40 ~ 17:00     ~Session 7. Q&A or discussion throughout these tutorials…~
all participants

17:00     Closing remarks

After SIMS-22 school, welcome reception will be held on Sunday evening. Note that the welcome reception venue is different from where SIMS-22 school will be held.


———-SIMS-22 School Committee———-
Daniel J. Graham, University of Washington, USA
Alexander G. Shard, National Physical Laboratory, UK
Satoshi Ninomiya, University of Yamanashi, Japan
Akio Takano, TOYAMA, Japan
Shin-ichi Iida, ULVAC-PHI, Japan