SIMS-22 School

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IUVSTA-sponsored short course entitled “SIMS22 School”, will be held in conjunction with the conference on Sunday, 20th October, 2019.

Six tutorial lectures listed below will be given by renown scientists. Each tutorial will last 60 minutes and it will consist of a general presentation (10 minutes) followed by or interwoven with extended discussion.

♦ Location: (map)
Kyoto University, Yoshida-South Campus, Bldg No. 1, Room #31 (「1共31教室」)

♦ Short Course Program:                  (short CV)

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1. Fundamentals of SIMS          ~
      Key concepts and guidance for practical analysis
      Rasmus Havelund, National Physical Laboratory, UK

2. Theory and Modelling          ~
      Secondary Ion Formation: Theory and Modeling
      Andreas Wucher, Universitat Duisburg-Essen, Germany

3. SIMS of Real World samples          ~
      SIMS of Real World Samples
      Anna Belu, Medtronic, USA

4. Depth profiling          ~
      Depth Profiling Inorganic Materials by SIMS
.                                  …we still do that, you know
      Charles W. Magee, Eurofins EAG Materials Science, USA

5. Advance data analysis          ~
      Multiple Varied Analysis (MVA) Tools for ToF-SIMS
      Daniel J. Graham, University of Washington, USA

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Q&A or discussion throughout these tutorials…
all participants