SISS10 Program

Program (* indicates invited talks)

July 17, 2008 (Thu.)

10:00- Opening remarks

[[ Atom Probe session ]]

1* “Development of Laser-Assisted Wide Angle Three-Dimensional Atom Probe and Its Application to Atomic Level Characterization of Real Electronic Devices” (40 min.)
M.Owari, Univ. Tokyo

2. “Carbon Material Analysis by using the Scanning Atom Probe” (20 min.)
M.Taniguchi and O.Nishikawa, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

3. “Atom Probe Evaluation of Impurities Segregation at Silicide Interfaces” (20 min.)
T.Sasaki, Toshiba NanoAnalysis Co.

4. “Recent Advances of Tomographic Atom Probe for nano-scale materials analysis” (20 min.)
M.Schuhmacher, Cameca

5* “Compositional Mapping of dopants in electronic structures with Atom-Probe Tomography” (40 min.)
C.Jones, Imago Scientific Instruments

( 12:25-13:25 Lunch )
[[ Dynamic SIMS session ]]

1. “Influence of measurement conditions on the depth profile of hydrogen in Tantalum and Tantalum oxide films” (20 min.)
T.Asakawa, Seiko Epson Co.

2. “Depth Profiles of Ge substrate sputtered by Cs+ and O2+ primary ions” (20 min.)
J.Sameshima, Toray Research Center
14:05- – Maker session 1 (Cameca Instruments)-
“Accurate depth profiling within the first nanometers in Si based semiconductor structures using ultra-low impact energy SIMS” (40 min.)
M.Schuhmacher, Cameca

( 14:45-15:05 Coffee Break )
[[ Poster session ]]

<< Poster Discussion >>
(At the start, speakers give short presentation in front of their posters in turn)

S.Aoyagi (Shimane Univ.), M.Fujii (Tokyo Univ. of Science),
N.Fukuhara (Tokyo Univ. of Science), S.Hayashi (Nippon Steel Co.),
J.Kawasaki (Kogakuin Univ.), N.Kubota (Nippon Steel Co.),
M.Nojima (Tokyo Univ. of Science), T.Sakamoto (Kogakuin Univ.),
M.Takahashi (Toshiba NanoAnalysis Co.),
E.Watanabe (Toukai Univ.), Y.Yamamoto (Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.)

Social meeting (at Hall on the 12th floor, University Building #10)

July 18, 2008 (Fri.)

[[ TOF-SIMS session ]]

1. “Calibration of high mass range of ToF SIMS spectrum using Ir4(CO)12 metal cluster complex sample” (20 min.)
H.Nonaka, T.Nakanaga, Y.Fujiwara, N.Saito, and T.Fujimoto, AIST

2. “The effect of angle of incidence to low damage sputtering of organic polymers using a C60 ion beam” (20 min.)
T.Miyayama, ULVAC-PHI Inc.

3. “Depth profiling of organic materials using TOF-SIMS under improved ion beam conditions” (20 min.)
D.Rading, ION-TOF GmbH

4. “TOF-SIMS protein imaging and quantification using peptide ion enhancement technique” (20 min.)
M.Komatsu, Canon Inc.

5* “Tissue preparation and interpretation of data, crucial issues for the use of TOF-SIMS in the analysis of biological samples” (40 min.)
H.Nygren, Goeteborg Univ., Sweden

6* “Stigmatic-mode MALDI imaging mass spectrometer using multi-turn time-of-flight ion optics: Its features and progress of development” (40 min.)
Y.Naito, The Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries

( 12:10-13:10 Lunch )

7. “Simulation of thermal decomposition of Arginine molecule by quantum molecular dynamics method for the analysis of TOF-SIMS spectrum” (20 min.)
N.Kato, Seikei Univ.

8. “Optimized conditions and data analysis for small area TOF-SIMS imaging of polymer” (20 min.)
T.Kohno, Asahi Kasei Co.

9* “A chemical study of sleep deprivation using Tof-SIMS” (40 min.)
Y.C.Ling, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

( 14:30-14:50 coffee break)

10* “Critical Issues and Possible Solutions of TOF-SIMS for New Biomedical Applications” (40 min.)
D.W.Moon, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS)

15:30- – Maker session 2 (ULVAC-PHI Inc.)-
“Recent developments in TOF-SIMS at ULVAC-PHI and Physical Electronics” (40 min.)
G.Fisher, Physical Electronics

16:10- – Maker session 3 (ION-TOF GmbH)-
“Recent developments in TOF-SIMS and Low Energy Ion Scattering (LEIS)” (40 min.)
M.Terhorst, ION-TOF GmbH
16:50- Closing remarks