SISS12 Program

Program                 * Invited speaker

June 10, 2010 (Thu.)

10:00  Opening remarks

   M. Kudo   Seikei univ.

10:05-12:15  [[ Dynamic SIMS session ]]

1* ” Towards the ultimate depth resolution limits in SIMS “

   W. Vandervorst   Interuniversity Microelectronics Center (IMEC)

2* “ Determination of interface position and layer thickness of multilayer films by composition depth profiling “

   K. J. Kim   Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS)

3. “ Evaluation of atomic mixing for silicon atoms in silicon isotope superlattices under cesium and oxygen ion bombardments “

   M. Tomita   Toshiba Corporate Research & Development Center

4* ” Isotope analysis by SIMS and material processing “

   H. Yurimoto   Hokkaido Univ.

 Instrument maker’s talk 
5. ” Latest developments on NanoSIMS instrumentation for life science and materials “

   F. Horréard    CAMECA

(12:15-13:10 coffee break)

13:10-14:10  [[ Post-Ionization session ]]

1* ” Development of multi-turn TOF-SIMS system with a femto-second laser for post-ionization “

   M. Ishihara   Osaka Univ.

2* “ Detection of polymers using Laser SNMS “

   T. Sakamoto   Kougakuin Univ.

(14:10-14:25 coffee break)

14:25-16:25  [[ Atom probe session ]]

1* “ Depth profiling optimization using Atom Probe Tomography “

   F. Vurpillot   Univ. of Rouen

2* “ 3D-atom probe: facts, artifacts and applications in semiconductors “

   W. Vandervorst   Interuniversity Microelectronics Center (IMEC)

3. “ Atom Probe analysis of molecular system ”

   M. Taniguchi   Kanazawa Inst. of Technology

4. “ Recent progress in laser-assisted 3DAP and its application “

   T. Okubo   National Institute for Material Science (NIMS)

( Instrument maker’s talk )
5. ” Latest developments on 3D Atom Probe instrumentation for nanoscale elemental analysis “

   F. Horréard CAMECA.

(16:25-16:40 break & transfer to next site)

16:40-18:00   [[ Poster session ]]   (at Hall on the 12th floor, University Building #10)

P1. ” An analysis of the distribution of ferruginol in the heartwood-forming Cryptomeria japonica xylem using ToF-SIMS ”
K. Kuroda   Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute
P2. ” Lignin distribution in the xylem of maple by TOF-SIMS molecular imaging ”
K. Saito   Nagoya Univ.
P3. ” Simulation of fragmentation of polyethylene glycole by quantum molecular dynamics for TOF-SIMS spectral analysis ”
N. Kato   Seikei Univ.
P4. ” TOF-SIMS study of the lipid layer (18-MEA) damage on the outermost hair surface 
M. Okamoto   Kao
P5. ” Emission of a Single Molecule by Argon-Cluster Bombardment behind a Suspended Graphene Sheet ”
S. Nakano   Hyogo Univ.
P6. ” Nondestractive Analytical Area Navigation in TOF-SIMS using integrated SEM ”
K. Fujioka    Kogakuin Univ.
P7. ” Image Analysis of Small Particles with a Combination of SEM and TOF-SIMS ”
H. Wada     Kogakuin Univ.
P8. ” SIMS Analysis of Low dose As implantation in SiGe ”
P9. ” ToF-SIMS depth profile analysis of sodium in silicon oxide ”
D. Kobayashi    AGC
P10. ” Effect of the uni-molecular dissociation of CsI cluster ions on the apparent mass in the TOF-SIMS of CsI ”
T. Nakanaga    AIST
P11. ” Matrix effect-free depth profiling of multilayered Si/Ti with laser-SNMS ”
S. Nishinomiya    Nippon Steel

17:00-19:00   Social meeting   (at the same place of Poster session)


June 11, 2010 (Thu.)

9:00-10:40  [[ Cluster Ion beams session ]]

1. ” Characteristics of the ion source for the electrospray droplet impact ionization method “

   K. Hiraoka   Univ. of Yamanashi

2. ” Soft-ionization SIMS by using argon cluster ions “

   K. Mochiji   Univ. of Hyogo

3. ” Availability of gas cluster SIMS to biomolecular analysis 

   S. Ninomiya Univ. of Yamanashi

(10:20-10:35 coffee break)

10:35-12:05  [[ Theoretical approach session ]]

1* “ SIMS with cluster projectiles as seen by computer simulations ”

   Z. Postawa   Jagiellonian Univ.

2. “ Damage and sputtering with cluster impact by MD simulations 

   T. Aoki  Kyoto Univ.

3.  “ A brief report on improving data by multivariate & informatics techniques 

   S. Aoyagi  Shimane Univ.

4.  “ Dead time correction methods for the pulse counting detector 

   A. Takano  NTT Advanced Technology

(12:05-13:10 Lunch break)

13:10-14:50 [[ Maldi imaging session ]]

1* “Clinical application of metabolite imaging with MALDI and/or SIMS ”

   M. Setou  Hamamatsu Univ. School  Med.

2* “Breakthrough in Mass spectrometry by superconducting molecule detector ”

   M. Okubo   Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

(Instrument maker’s talks )
3. “ Small Molecular Imaging MS using MALDI-FT-ICR MS ”

   K. Saitou   Bruker Daltonics

4. “ Development of Mass Microscope ”

   T. Harada   Shimadzu

(14:50-15:05 coffee break)

15:05-17:35  [[ TOF-SIMS session ]]

1* ” TOF-SIMS for bio-analysis above and beyond the static limit “

   J. S. Fletcher   Univ. of Manchester

2* ” Investigations and comparisons on Multivariate Analyses for TOF-SIMS Image Analysis “

   T. Kono   Asahi Kasei

3* “ ToF SIMS study of semi-crystalline polymer surfaces ”

   L. T. Weng   Hong Kong Univ. of Sci. Technol.

4. “ Advances in 3D TOF-SIMS imaging of organics: from depth profiling to FIB sectioning 

G. Fisher  Physical Electronics

(Instrument maker’s talks )
5. “Recent progress and Application of Gas Cluster Ion Beam “

   T. Miyayama   Ulvac-phi

6. “ Recent TOF-SIMS developments at ION-TOF 

   M. Terhorst   ION-TOF

17:35-17:40 Closing remarks

   S. Hayashi   Nippon Steel