[glad news]
Professor Hisayoshi Yurimoto, the chair of SISS, received the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon in April 2020.

Postponement of SISS-21

In light of the world-wide COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and after thoroughly considering all options, the Organizing Committee has made the decision to postpone SISS-21. We are looking forward to welcome you all at the next chance in Yamanashi.

 SISS-21 (2020) 

24th (Thu) and 25th (Fri) September 2020 at University of Yamanashi


The Scientific International Symposium on SIMS and Related Techniques Based on Ion-Solid Interactions (SISS)

SISS initially stood for “Seikei University, the International Symposium on SIMS and related techniques based on ion-solid interactions”.

SISS covers SIMS and related techniques based on ion-solid interactions: fundamentals, instrumentation, and application in various fields, such as semiconductors, industrial materials, biological, medical, and environmental sciences. We mainly have three sessions: Atom Probe, D-SIMS, and TOF-SIMS.

past conferences
SIMS-22   (2019/10/20-25 Kyoto Miyako Messe)
SISS-20 (2018/6/28-29  Seikei University)


International SIMS Society
MVA & Chemometrics for TOF-SIMS Users (in Japanese)


Chair   Hisayoshi Yurimoto (Hokkaido University)
Masahiro Kudo (Seikei University)
Jiro Matsuo (Kyoto University)
Satoka Aoyagi (Seikei University)
Masashi Nojima (Tokyo University of Science)
Satoshi Ninomiya (University of Yamanashi)
Takayuki Yamagishi (Seikei University)
Kousuke Moritani (University of Hyogo)
Masahiro Taniguchi (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
Toshio Seki (Kyoto University)
Naoya Sakamoto (Hokkaido University)
Retsu Oiwa (Scienta Omicron, Inc.)
Songsu Cho (Ametek)
Masataka Ohgaki (Hitachi High-Tech Science)
Akio Takano (TOYAMA CO., LTD.)
Tatsuya Ishikawa (ULVAC-PHI)
Makishi Ishikawa (Ametek)
Yasuo Shimizu (National Institute for Materials Science)
Junichiro Sameshima (Toray Research Center)
Masayuki Okamoto (Kao Corp.)​
Ichiro Mihara (Kuraray Corp.)
Reiko Saito (Toshiba Corporation)
Shinya Otomo (Furukawa Electric)
Kazue Shingu (Ion Technology Center)
Nomachi Ichiro (Sony Corporation)
Yasuko Kajiwara (Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Atsushi Sakaki (Nichia Corp.)


[news of death]   Dr. Akiya Karen (Toray Research Center)

We are very sorry to inform that Dr. Akiya Karen (Toray Research Center, Japan) passed away on 11 March 2017. Akiya will be sorely missed, both scientifically and humanly, by his many friends and colleagues.